The Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution affords you the right to “Assistance of Counsel”. That means, it is your right to have proper legal representation. If you, or a loved one, are facing criminal charges, or are dealing with some other sort of legal proceedings, hiring a Private Attorney might be your best option. PA’s have the resources to work one-on-one with you to craft the best defense strategy to resolve your case in a timely manner with the best result for you.

If you’re facing the legal system for any reason, you should probably consult an attorney. Private Attorneys will work closely with you on your case, no matter how big or small, to ensure the most favorable result for you. Let the lawyers at Lewis Law Group, P.A perform a free case evaluation for you today.

To represent yourself at any type of legal proceeding is a big, big mistake. Even lawyers don’t represent themselves. It is unlikely that you’ll know the court, the laws and the system better than a prosecutor, especially since the system is extremely small to being with. Another reason why representing yourself is a mistake is that you are emotionally invested in your case. This prevents you from looking at the facts to make the best judgements and follow the best course of action. Your best option is to hire an attorney.

Yes. Any information you provide is protected under attorney-client privilege. This means that your information will remain confidential, even if you terminate our services or decide not to retain us. It is in your best interest to provide us with as many details as possible so we can effectively represent you, in turn we ensure that whatever information you provide is safe and secure.

Motor Vehicle Accidents, Animal Bites, Bicycle Accidents, Boating Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home and Elder Abuse, Slip and Fall, Wrongful Death, Employment Discrimination, Overtime Compensation, Retaliation Claims, Sexual Harassment, Wage and Hour Disputes, Wrongful Termination, DUI Defense, Drug Crime Defense, Felony Defense and Commercial Litigation.

My goal is to make the law accessible and understandable to my clients. I understand that legal matters, lawsuits, and appeals can be bewildering. Unlike most firms, I want you to understand the legal issues and process. I want you to be fully informed and directly involved in the decision-making and handling of your case.

Misdemeanor charges are less severe than felonies. Common misdemeanors include possession of marijuana, trespassing, driving under a suspended license, etc. Examples of felonies include murder, aggravated battery and possession of an illegal firearm. Misdemeanors are much easier to deal with. Felonies come with prison time and hefty fines.

When dealing with the law in any facet, whether it be in court defending yourself or negotiating a business contract, having a lawyer on your side makes for a better outcome always. Even if your charges are as minor as underaged drinking or simple drug possession, it is always better to hire an attorney than not.