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Family Law

I am an experienced family lawyer who can handle any aspect of family law proceedings. If you need representation for a divorce or custody hearing, or if you want to challenge a court order, I have the experience and knowledge you need to get the result you want. If you want to protect your financial assets, property, and children from unfair court rulings or inequitable division, I can help. I practice in several areas of family law, and remain a talented and experienced family lawyer.

Bank And Financial

Banking & financial services is one of the core practice areas of my practice and includes representing community, regional and national financial institutions, private equity lenders and borrowers in a broad range of commercial financing transactions, including real estate acquisition, development and construction loans, lines of credit to home builders and developers, accounts receivable and inventory financing, and other forms of asset-based lending.

Traffic Law

If you have received a traffic ticket, I am here to help. Before you pay the ticket fine, let me fight for you to protect your driving record and save you valuable time. I can handle court procedures for moving violations, high speed violations, red light tickets, failure to appear warrants, “no insurance” violations, and driver’s license suspensions, while keeping you informed about your case status.

Criminal Law

There is no room for timidity in the courtroom. When faced with a possible conviction that can hugely impact your life, it is important to retain counsel from a powerful and proven criminal defense attorney in Michigan. I take a transparent approach to cases I handle. I tell my clients the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to help steer their legal matters in a favorable direction.

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Did You Get Arrested?

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I don’t judge you, I don’t lecture you, I defend you”

-Mark Haidar

Why Choose Mark Haidar

Experienced Attorney

31-year veteran of criminal defense and a former prosecutor, I know how to tailor each client’s case according to the circumstances at hand, including the type of charge, the prosecuting attorney working the case, the evidence, the judge, and the client’s unique goals and concerns. All of these factors will dictate how effective a specific approach may be. Whether strategic negotiation or aggressive courtroom litigation are necessary, I am ready and willing to protect my clients’ interests.

Best Case Stratergy

From trial tactics and defense strategies to state-of-the-art technology and investigative research, Mark Haidar adds value to a criminal case and makes a meaningful difference that will likely favorably impact the case.

Review Your Case

Attention to detail is highly important for lawyers, no matter the field of law practice. When retained I will examine witnesses, help formulate a plea, analyze the prosecutor's case, assess the potential sentences (and the likelihood of a particular judge awarding such a sentence), review search and seizure procedures, question witnesses, and/or gather evidence to give you the best chance at a positive outcome.

Client Testimonials

Mark Haidar builds individualized defense strategies for each and every client, providing them with the personalized service they deserve. When he takes on a case, he becomes invested in our client’s life and future, fighting aggressively for his or her rights.
“I was arrested for DUI. From the very beginning Mr.Mark Haidar was very professional and supportive. Throughout the court process I was scared. I kept telling Mark that wanted to plead guilty just to end it but Mark encouraged me to stick with it and take the case to trial. The morning of trial, Mark was able to cross examine the (arresting) officer in such a way as to show the jury that there was reasonable doubt as to the accuracy of the breathalyzer machine. That was important because they were saying my BAC was .182. Mark walked me through my testimony so that the jury understood what happened from my point of view. I think if he hadn’t been able to help me through my testimony the way he did that the jury wouldn’t have understood and they would have convicted me. The jury deliberated for two hours and then returned a verdict of not guilty. I am really thankful that Mr.Haidar was my attorney and that I took his advice to take my case to a jury. If you or a loved one is in trouble, Mark is your guy.” – R.H
“My husband was charged with a first degree felony sex crime against our granddaughter. Anyone who knew my husband knew he didn’t do it. He was the type to protect children not hurt them. We had been represented by another attorney who just couldn’t get the prosecutor to see that the charges weren’t good. When it came time for trial, that attorney was scared to try the case. We were referred to Mark and I am so grateful. Trial was a week long and by the end, Mark had shown the jury how our grandchild had been manipulated by the social workers and her mother to say things that were not true. Mark was careful and thorough in his investigation and preparation before trial and it really showed in court. The jury found my husband not guilty and I credit Mark for making that happen.” – H.H
“My son was charged in juvenile court with touching a little girl in a public swimming pool. There were so many kids in the pool that day and just because my boy was wearing red swim trunks, and the little girl said it was a boy wearing red swim trunks, the police decided it was my son. My son is an Eagle Scout and would never do anything like what they said. It didn’t matter, they were going after my son and so I hired Mr. Haidar to represent him. With the help of Mr.Haidar and his investigator, the charges were eventually dismissed because Mr.Haidar was able to show that there were many other kids in that pool wearing red swim trunks and that it was likely another boy that was there that day. I am so thankful we hired Mr.Haidar to help us.” – J.C.

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